Dog Allergies and How to Treat Them

Your best friend may well suffer from allergies. The excessive licking, biting and scratching that allergies cause can put our best friends at risk of more serious skin infections.  It’s always better to know the possible symptoms so you can treat the problem effectively and efficiently. Other symptoms can include itchy and runny eyes, runny nose…

Open for Business in Stafford

We are very pleased to welcome Louise Huckfield to the My Best Friend Team! Louise is joining us as our newest franchisee and will be covering Stafford and the surrounding areas. Full details of the areas covered, services offered and prices can be found on Louise’s web page along with some great reviews and fab…

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Correct Collars

We have had a number of incidents recently where a determined dog has been able to slip their collar due to the fact that it is simply too lose. As you can imagine this can be dangerous if near a road or livestock and of course means that there is no visible way to then identify the dog.

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Dangers of Doggy Obesity

The PDSA has warned that fat dogs are expected to outstrip healthy ones by 2019 as pet obesity increases. Eighty per cent of veterinary professionals reported seeing a greater number of obese pets in the last two years, with increasing numbers of overweight dogs, cats, rabbits and even small rodents being brought into their surgeries for treatment.